95 Creative Toy Storage Ideas

If you’ve children in your home, learn a few of these TOY STORAGE IDEAS to keep their favorite playthings at a proper place!

When you’ve children, you may be comfortable with the reality that toys make their way around your home. Even when your child learns to maintain their toys in their room, it may be hard to have simple and neat storage choices. As a parent, it may sometimes be a challenging job to find a proper place for those playthings. It’s not just about placing them away; you also need to have your youngster’s toys arranged in like manner that they will find what they need and readily put them away.

These straightforward and easy to follow ideas are here to assist you to make more room in your kid’s room and may help get them structured and keep it this way.

1. Keep it Bespoke

Toy storage requirements change quite quickly as the children grow so creating bespoke storage that works for you and your family is imperative. Keep it simple and bear in mind that it needs to adapt to the changing requirements of a growing child, and ever-present books and toys. Make sure pieces are within reach of the child, keeping books low down, and boxes labeled.

2. Totes for Toys

An excellent way to store toys of different sizes and types, this nursery designed features three hanging canvas tote bags – out of the way, on the back of the bedroom door – for stuffed animals, building blocks and Legos. Each bag is labeled, so both kids and parents know where the toys belong when playtime is over. Here’s is the tutorial.

3. Simple and Unexpected Book Storage

If you've children in your home, learn a few of these TOY STORAGE IDEAS to keep their favorite playthings at a proper place!

This floating bookshelf is excellent for the small child who loves their books, but cannot handle lining them up on a shelf. This project required cutting a wooden crate in half, which makes it perfectly proportioned for those thin Dr. Seuss books. A piece of matching plywood in the bottom will keep things from falling through while retaining the cutesy look of a milk crate. To complete the look for your nursery, paint this floating bookshelf to accompany the DIY rolling toy crates featured above. BHG.com

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