Colorful Diy Bedroom Projects

A cozy colorful bedroom that is warm and comfortable who don’t love it? If you too want that– Check out the simple colorful DIY bedroom projects given here.

Project No. 1: Color-Washed Wall

A cozy colorful bedroom that is comfortable who don't want that? If you too want that-- Check out the simple colorful DIY bedroom projects given here.

A color wash technique adds subtle interest to the wall. To get the look in this bedroom, they used three damp lamb’s wool cloths and light, medium, and dark shades of turquoise paint. Working from one side of the room to the other, dip one cloth in the light paint and drag it up and down the wall. To transition to the medium color, dip the cloth in both the light and medium colors and apply to the wall in the same way. Lightly blend the colors with a wet brush. Continue with the medium color, then repeat the blending technique to transition to the dark color.

Project No. 2: Barn-Board Headboard


Cut a piece of plywood to desired size (ours fits a queen bed). Gently clean the boards with a damp cloth, but don’t scrub or sand away the weathered character. Cut boards as needed, and nail them to cover the plywood. For the whitewash finish, we diluted 1/3 cup white paint with 1/2 cup water and brushed on the mixture. When dry, we taped off boards and created color blocks using a blue spruce hue. The soothing shade works perfectly in a bedroom, and the color blocks add a modern touch to the piece. Screw the headboard into studs in your wall, or hang with wood cleats.

Look for barn boards at architectural salvage shops, or ask around a rural community and you might get some for free.

Project No. 3: Striped Pillows


Fan-fold a purchased white cotton pillowcase, then dip one edge into liquid dye. We used a mix of Rit’s Royal Blue and Navy Blue to coordinate with our duvet. Let dry and heat-set according to manufacturer’s directions.

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